Flexible connectivity and QoE/QoS management for 5G Networks: The 5G NORMA view


The goal envisioned by 5G NORMA is to develop a novel, adaptive and future-proof 5G mobile network architecture. In order to fulfill these requirements, 5G NORMA envisions an extremely flexible architecture to be deployed in a multi-tier distributed data-center. In this paper we focus on the novel mobility management schemes, QoE/QoS, Control and Orchestration mechanisms that are being developed in 5G NORMA. These modules, that follow the software-defined principle, jointly optimize core and access functions. The final result is a modular architecture that adapts to the requirements of very heterogeneous services, while allowing multiple tenants to share network resources among them, providing hence the flexible connectivity needed by future 5G Networks.

2016 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC)